Dear Friends,

October is here, and normally that means Hot Earth Ensemble's first concert of the season. This October's concert is being moved to February 22nd, 2015 however, and some of you already know as well that this will be our last program together. The last seven years have been an enjoyable musical adventure for us, one on which we could not have embarked without your support. Your presence at our concerts has been much appreciated, as have your generous donations that have helped us not merely to stay afloat but to bring you exciting music, sometimes with large rosters of performers and guest artists from far afield.

Our final concert, titled Réjouissance: Virtuoso Music of the High Baroque, will take place February 22, 2015 at 3 p.m. in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (The "Kirk") and will feature baroque violin specialist David Greenberg who performed with the renowned Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra for a decade. A highlight of the program will be Bach's wonderful Brandenburg Concerto No. 4. Music of Rameau, Telemann and others will round out this gala celebration of our seven full seasons together. This last one is going to be a special event you won't want to miss!

With thanks,
Michelle, Mary, and Nathan

Through the highest quality performances of innovatively programmed music and through educational programs, the Hot Earth Ensemble fosters appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of both Baroque music and of the fusion of early and new music.

The Hot Earth Ensemble aspires to be nationally recognized for its performances of both Baroque and contemporary repertoire, and to be noted for musicianship, artistry, and unique programming as contributions to the communities it serves.

The Hot Earth Ensemble above all values the informed and serious artistic collaboration that creates rich, vibrant experiences for the listeners, whether adult audiences or young people in educational settings. The ensemble espouses the highest standards of presentation, invigorated by research into the music and performance of the periods highlighted.


Jean Guthrie, Chair
Stephen Fitzgerald, Secretary
Keith Matthews, Treasurer
Nathan Cook, Artistic Director
Michelle Cheramy, Director
Nikki Cole, Director
Eve Roberts, Director


Sonia Boon
Michelle Cheramy
Julian Kennedy
Paul Rice

Hot Earth Ensemble

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Upcoming Concert

Feb 22 2015 @ 3pm

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (The 'Kirk')

Guest Artist:

Baroque violinist David Greenberg